Curriculum Enrichment

Our Institution integrates Cross-cutting issues of the society like Gender Equality, Environmental Awareness, Human Values, Professional Ethics, Moral and Ethical Values which are inseparable part of the our curriculum.

Gender Equality:

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  • Gender equality and equal opportunity for women are necessary in the institution. Every activity and program of the circular of the institute should provide equal opportunity for the development of the girl students and the female staff. For maintaining the equality among the staff and students the Women development cell and Anti ragging cell are active. These committees take utmost care and provide support to girl students and the female staff. Meetings are conducted on regular basis and issues are discussed over to find solution for making a better environment for the women. Women development seminars also conducted which includes teaching them self-defense and riffle shooting.
  • Environmental Awareness:

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  • Environment awareness is inculcated in students. Environment study is a part of the curriculum of the institution. Environment day is celebrated with enthusiasm. NSS students along with other college students participate in tree plantation and cleanliness programs. We make student aware about the importance of preserving the environment.
  • Human rights:

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  • Human rights are the basic rights enjoyed by all. We at institute make sure that no violation human rights takes place. We celebrate 10th December as ‘Human Rights Day’ to spread awareness of Human Rights and motive everyone to make the proper use of basic rights.
  • Professional ethics:

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  • Professional ethics are taught to students as part of their holistic development. Importance for group work and imbibing leadership is being taught.
  • Moral and ethical values:

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  • Moral and ethical values are integral part of education of the students. Out teachers put their best efforts to groom students and make them responsible citizen. We celebrate day of Nation importance which imbibes the nation values in the students. Independence day, Republic day, Gandhi Jayanti, Teacher`s day, Voters Awareness Day, International Yoga Day, World Environment Day, Youth Day etc.