Minority Cell

Aim :

To seek the welfare of Minorities

Objectives :

To collect reports and information regarding the Government of India and the UGC orders on various aspects of education, training and employment of Minority.

To circulate Government of India orders and UGC’s decisions and to collect information in respect of appointing, training these communities in teaching and non-teaching posts in the College. To help them apply for post within the college a stipulated date and take follow up action where required.

To collect statistics on Minority students and employees.

To monitor the working of the remedial coaching scheme in the college for Minority students.

To function as a Grievances Redressal cell for the Grievances of Minority students including employees.

Executive Committee Members of MINORITY Cell for the C.A.Y 2018-19

S.No Name Designation Position E-Mail
1 Mr.Sk. Manjur Ilahi Assistant Professor Coordinator manjurilani1@gmail.com
2 Mr.Md.Yakub Ali Assistant Professor Member yakubali.btech@gmail.com
3 Mr.Md.Samdani Assistant Professor Member mohd.samdani@gmail.com
4 Ms. Md.Rubeena Assistant Professor Member rubeenaafshan@gmail.com
5 Mrs.Asiya Sulthana Assistant Professor Member asiyaieee@gmail.com
6 Ms.Syed Asiya Assistant Professor Member syedasiya14@gmail.com