Industry Institute Interaction Cell

Technical education forms the backbone of development of any nation. The journey of cooperation between Industry and Institute has taken different forms at different times. India has one of the largest technical manpower in the world. Bridging the skill gap is the need of the day and decides the national development and economic growth.

Skills and the knowledge are the engines of the economic growth and social development of any country that can respond more effectively and promptly to changes and opportunities of globalization. India is blessed with population of about 70% below the age of 35 years and youths are the most vibrant and dynamic segment as well as potentially most viable human recourse. At same time India is seriously handicapped with very weak and narrow knowledge base with 12.3% gross enrollment ratio as compared to 21% in China and 54.6% in developed countries and the world average is 23.2%. There is a need to convert the available huge human resource potential into a reality by expanding opportunities in the fields such as science technology, engineering, architecture, management etc.

Activities of the Industry Institute Interaction Cell

Interaction between industry and the institution on various aspects

Identification of Bridge courses.

Improvement of quality of students project work.

Industrial visits for students

Industrial training for students.

Some of the Final year projects in the industry.

Organizing special lectures by experts from industry and Research Organization.

Participation in the meetings of professional organizations.

Transportation facility

Guest Lectures are organized regularly for the benefit of students and staff by inviting experts from reputed research organizations and industries in order to provide information on the state of the art technologies under various branches of engineering.

Committee Members for the C.A.Y 2018-2019

S.No Name Designation Position Mail id
1 Dr.P.Arulkumar Associate Professor Coordinator
2 Mr.Nandeesh M Assistant Professor Member
3 Mr.J. Chaitanya Assistant Professor Member
4 Mr.T.Rajinikanth Assistant Professor Member
5 Mr.D.Nanda Assistant Professor Member
6 Mr.L.Sampath Assistant Professor Member