Internal Complaint Committee


To comply with the direction of the Honorable Supreme Court in the case of sexual harassment at the work place.

To bring change in behavior and attitude for prevention of sexual harassment at the work place.

In Brief, Harassment Includes:

1. Criticizing, insulting, blaming, reprimanding or condemning an employee in public

2. Exclusion from group activities or assignments without a valid reason.

3. Statements damaging a person’s reputation or career.

4. Removing areas of responsibility unjustifiably.

5. Inappropriately giving too little or too much work.

6. Constantly overruling authority without just cause.

7. Unjustifiably monitoring everything that is done.

8. Blaming an individual constantly for errors without just cause.

9. Repeatedly singling out an employee by assigning her with demeaning and belittling jobs that are not part of her regular duties.

10. Insults or humiliations, repeated attempts to exclude or isolate a person.

11. Systematically interfering with normal work conditions, sabotaging places or instruments of work.

12. Humiliating a person in front of colleagues, engaging in smear campaigns.

13. Arbitrarily taking disciplinary action against an employee.

14. Controlling the person by withholding resources (time, budget, autonomy, and training) necessary to succeed.

Disciplinary Actions:

1. Warning

2. Written apology

3. Bond of good behaviour

4. Suspension

5. Dismissal

6. Debarring entry in the hostel / campus.

7. Debarring from heading posts.

8. Separation from the college / hostel.

9. Stopping of increment / promotion (in case of employees only).

10. Any other action as per discretions of the competent authority. In appropriate cases, police / civil authorities may also be approached.

Who can approach ICC for help?


Inquiry process:

1. The inquiry shall be completed within a period of ninety days from the date of the complaint.

2. On completion of the inquiry, the ICC shall provide a report of its findings to the employer within a period of ten days from the date of completion of the inquiry and such report be made available to the concerned parties.

3. If the allegations against the respondent have been proved, it shall recommend punitive actions to be taken against the respondent to the employer.

4. The employer shall act upon the recommendation within sixty days of receiving it.

The ICC comprises of the following members:

S.No Name Designation Mail id Mobile
1 Dr.V.S.Hariharan,Principal Chairman 9963976545
2 Mrs.B.Mounika,Asst.Prof.,ECE Coordinator 9347114682
3 Mrs.P.Durga,Asst.Prof.,H&S Member 9494970005
4 Ms.P.Snehasree,,Asst.Prof.,CE Member 9908136538
5 Mrs.Ch.Mounika,Asst.Prof.,EEE Member 8333955213
6 Mr.S.Phaneendra,Asst.Prof.,ME Member 9010063777
7 Mrs.K.Manasa,Asst.Prof.,ECE Member 8519802089
8 Mrs.B.Sridevi,Asst.Prof.,CSE Member 9989139565
9 Dr.G.Naresh,Asst.Prof.,MBA Member 8008296444