Learning Management System (LMS) & E – Learning Resources

Information & Communications Technology (ICT) enabled teaching methodologies are being followed by the faculty members in class rooms.

The academic plan with budget, notes of lesson, lab manuals and question banks with key are made available at the very beginning of the semester.

The use of multimedia teaching aids like, LCD projectors, smart classrooms and internet enabled computer systems are usually employed in classroom.

The electronic resource packages like DELNET, NPTEL, SPOKEN TUTORIAL and National Digital Library (NDL) are available. The faculty members effectively utilize Audio Visual aids to demonstrate the concepts to the students using the resources from National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) to enhance the learning experience.

Hard disk containing web and video courses (offline) from NPTEL are accessible to faculty and students from the server installed in the library. These courses are the part of LMS.

Sufficient number of books, Journals, e-journals and e-books are available in the library. The research journals are available online and facility for accessing these journals is provided through proxy server in the campus.

Every year, all the departments conduct seminars, workshops and guest lectures on the new developments in the core subjects for effective teaching and learning by the faculty members and students.

Research laboratory and communication skill laboratory help the faculty to enhance knowledge in the field of English communication and writing skills.

Seminar hall is equipped with multimedia facilities. Invited talks and webinars are conducted in seminar hall using ICT facilities.

Academic Management System

The college has developed an integrated Academic Management System and comprehensive tool for faculty, students and administrators to overcome the challenges in the process of college admissions and post admission. The entire college admission process was proposed to be digitized with the tool starting from Application, Selection, and Intimation & Admissions. The tool is an online-platform that is meant to manage entire gambit of CBCS – from registration of course, registration by the faculty, allocation of courses to the faculty, student attendance, internal assessment, end-semester assessment, and conversion of marks to grades, declaration of results, grade card generation, distribution etc

E – Learning Resources

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