Career Develpoment Cell

Aim :

To help undergraduate to make well-informed choices about their future working lives and to translate these effectively into appropriate decisions actions.

To maintain and develop links with the range of organizations providing appropriate opportunities for graduates, including further study.

To continue to be the main provider of choice of careers education, information and guidance within the campus.

Objectives :

To provide an environment for all staff members and employees that promotes development of effective programs.

Cooperate in developing and implementing curriculum changes that reflect current industry standards.

To recruit and sustain a responsible, committed ,and cooperative teaching staff who are interested in providing quality education to each one of their students and who will continue to improve themselves professionally.

fosters the acquisition of personal, social, ethical qualities and that will prepare the student to cope with decision To provide each student with an opportunity to develop his/her full potential by providing training that -making, problem-solving and communication in today’s complex workplace.

To provide students with a positive atmosphere for learning, including a physical environment that is maintained with appropriate equipment and materials.

To maintain ongoing guidance services to provide the personal, career, substance abuse, adjustment, and counseling, as well as other services necessary to the individual’s immediate needs and developmental growth.

To provide a system of technical and academic assessment, monitoring and evaluation of student potential, ability, and performance.

To courage participation in extra-curricular activities, through which students have the opportunity to develop a sense of self-worth, leadership potential, teamwork, and the exercise of personal talents and interests.

To ensure that the opportunities for and the advantages of career and technical education are presented to prospective students and their parents, so that informed decisions can be made when choosing a technical path and making career decisions.

Cell Members for the A.Y 2017-18

S.No Name Designation Position Mail id
1 Dr.V.S.Hariharan Principal Chairman
2 Mr.Ashish Ladda Assistant Professor Coordinator
3 Mr.R.Ranadeer Reddy Assistant Professor Member
4 Ms.Usha.K Assistant Professor Member
5 Mr.K.Ranadheer Raj Assistant Professor Member
6 Mr.K.Pradeep Assistant Professor Member
Date Event Resource Person(s) Coordinator
21-08-2018 A Seminar on Internet of Things Dr. Bazeer Ahmed Mr.Ladda Ashish