Programme Outcomes

PO1: Ability to apply knowledge of Mathematics (differential equations, vector calculus, complex variables, matrix theory, probability theory), Sciences (Physics, Chemistry & Environmental Sciences &Gender Sensitization as required in academics.

PO2: Ability to apply the knowledge of current techniques, concepts and skills in placement oriented exams for the solution of problems in Mathematics, English Language and Sciences (Physics, Chemistry & Environmental Sciences &Gender Sensitization)

PO3: Ability to comprehend employable skills in order to get employment.

PO4: Ability to function in teams on multidisciplinary subjects.

PO5: Ability to participate and succeed in competitive examinations like GATE, GRE etc. and also other professional examinations at various levels

PO6: Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written form.

PO7: Ability to recognize the need for and ability to engage in lifelong learning and understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities.

Programme Specific Objectives

PSO1: Develop the ability to understand, demonstrate, identify, analyze and apply the skills and knowledge gained from foundational courses of Humanities, Sciences.

PSO2: Understanding basic skills and principles of Sciences and Humanities by developing and engaging them in life-long learning with effective skills inculcating quality of reasoning, logic, analysis and communication.

PSO3: Cultivate the ability to work in teams and learn by participating in Technical Events and Social Welfare Programs and develop the attitude for working productively as an individual and in cross- disciplinary teams to become better citizens in multicultural world.