Programme Educational Objectives

PEO1: To impart strong fundamentals in Mathematics, Sciences and Humanities to students with required skills to identify, analyze and resolve problems and to prepare them for graduate studies in their specific domain.

PEO2: To inspire the students to get into successful professional career in Indian and Multinational organizations, by assessing emerging and advanced concepts.

PEO3: To encourage students to identify and bridge gaps between the curriculum and industry requirements

PEO4: To provide opportunities for students to collaborate and work in teams on multidisciplinary subjects.

PEO5: To motivate and prepare students for higher studies

PEO6: To develop excellent written and oral communication skills in English Language, including presentation skills and technical writing for effectively interacting in their future professional career with clients, customers, co-workers and managers.

PEO7: To promote awareness amongst students for life-long learning and to inculcate in them professional and ethical attitude, good leadership qualities and commitment to social responsibilities.