II YEAR I SEM Sub Name Year Downloads
1. Signals & Systems II year
2 Electronic Devices & Circuits II year
3 Electrical Circuits II year
4 Switching Theory And Logic Design II year
5 Probability Theory & Stochastic Processes II year
6 Mathematics –III II year

III YEAR I SEM Sub Name Year Downloads
1. Computer Organization And Operating Systems III year
2 Antennas And Wave Propagation III year
3 Analog Communications III year
4 Control Systems Engineering III year
5 Electronic Measurements And Instrumentation III year
6 Linear And Digital IC Applications III year


Date. Sub Name Year Downloads
1. Management Science IV year
2 Computer Networks IV year
3 Microwave Engineering IV year
4 Cellular and Mobile Communications IV year
5 Object Oriented Programming through Java IV year
6 Embedded Systems Design IV year