S.no Name of the Journal
1 IETE Technical review
2 IETE Journal of Research
3 I-Manager Journal on Electronics Engineering
4 I-Manager Journal on Communication Engineering and Systems
5 i-manager's Journal on Instrumentation & Control Engineering (JIC)
6 i-manager's Journal on Circuits and Systems (JCIR)
7 I-Manager Journal on Digital Signal Processing
8 I-Manager Journal on Embedded Systems
9 I-Manager Journal on Wireless communication Networks
10 IEEMA Journal
11 Satellite & Cable TV
12 Electronics For You
13 Electronics Bazaar
14 IUP Journal of Telecommunications
15 Tele .Net
16 Broad cast Cable Sat
17 Communication Today
18 TV Veopar Journal
19 Journal of Micro engineering & Nano electronics
20 Journal of Microwave Science and Technology
21 Journal of High Performance Communication Systems and Networking
22 Indian Journal of Electronics Engineering & Communications Engg.
23 Indian Journal of Electronics Engineering Networks and Devices
24 Indian Journal of Advance Electronics Engineering
25 Indian Journal of Electronics Microcircuits
26 Global Journal of Electronics and Communication Research
27 Indian Journal of Industrial Electronics & Applications
28 Indian Journal of Embedded Systems in Engineering Research
29 I-Manager Journal on Civil Engineering
30 I-Manager Journal on Structural Engineering
31 IUP Journal of Structural Engineering
32 IASH Journal
33 TAI Journal
34 IWRA India Journal
35 ISRM India Journal
36 Indian Construction Journal
37 CIVIL Engineering & Construction Review
38 Journal of Institute of Town Planners of INDIA
39 The Indian Concrete Journal
40 The Indian Mining and Engineering Journal
41 I-Manager Journal on Software Engineering
42 I-Manager Journal on Computer Science
43 I-Manager Journal of Information Technology
44 International Journal of Information Processing
45 Open Source for U
47 IUP Journal of Information Technology
48 IUP Journal of Computer Science
49 IUP Journal of Soft Skills
50 International Journal of Information Science and Computing
51 International Journal of Data Mining And Emerging Technologies
52 IITM Journal of Management and IT
53 Invertis Journal of Science & Technology
54 Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
55 Indian Society for Technical Education
56 Journal of Computer Science
57 National Journal of Technology
58 Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering
59 Journal of Analysis and Computation
60 Journal of Cybernetics and Systems
61 Journal of Hybrid Computing Research
62 Journal of Information Technology and Engineering
63 Journal of Intelligent Computing and Applications(JICA)
64 Journal of Intelligent System Research
65 Journal of Neural Computing Systems
66 Journal of Software Engineering and Technology
67 Journal of Software Project Management and Quality Assurance
68 IUP Journal of Mechanical Engineering
69 Fire Engineer
70 Indian Journal of Engineering & Material Sciences (IJEMS)
71 Indian Journal of Scientific Temper
72 Indian Foundry Journal
73 Cooling India
74 Bulletin of Material Science
75 Resonance Journal of Science Education
76 Industrial Automation
77 Industrial Engineering Journal
78 Journal of Energy ,Heat and Mass Transfer
79 Machinist
80 Indian Journal of Advanced Material Science
81 Indian Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Research
82 Indian Journal of Mechanics and Structure
83 Indian Journal of Mechatronics
84 Indian Journal of Mechanical Engineering
85 I-Manager Journal on Electrical Engineering
86 i-manager's Journal on Power Systems Engineering (JPS)
87 IUP Journal of Electrical and Electronics
88 CIGRE India Journal
89 Power Engineer Journal
90 Journal: IAEGTD (AARO)
91 Invertis Journal of Renewable Energy
92 Power Line
93 Electrical India
94 Lighting India
95 Pramana
96 Sadana
97 The Journal of CPRI
98 Automation And Control Today
99 Indian Journal of Power & River Valley Development
100 Innovative ACR
101 Indian Journal of Electrical and Nuclear Engineering
102 Indian Journal of Electrical and Power Engineering
103 Indian Journal of Electrical Engineering
104 Indian Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems
105 Indian Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology
106 Indian Journal of Power System Research and Development
107 Effective Executive
108 The IUP Journal of Bank Management
109 The IUP Journal of Corporate Governance
110 The IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship
111 The IUP Journal of Organization Behavior
112 JIMS-8M Journal of Indian Management & Strategy
113 SMART Journal of Business Management Studies
114 Indian Journal of Marketing
115 Indian Journal of Finance
116 Business India
117 IPE Journal of Management
118 Human Capital